Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kids with their blogs

I'm not 100% Sure why I started a blog but I did. Another failed experiment, a success filled with happy memories? Who knows.

My blog will be as eclectic as myself. I'm sure it'll pick up as I go.

Zachs blog.... les do this... Leeroy Jenkins.



  1. think of it as a diary that you can share with people, it reminds you of what you were up to at that time when you read back from it, and also interacting with other peoples opinions, or just do it for the lulz

  2. i agree with kal, its really what you make of it. a lot of good has come out of blogging!

  3. well, atleast an energetic first post :)

  4. this was actually my state of mind aswell when I started it just yesterday. however, by just looking around at other blogs it's already worth it for me. blogger really is just a versatile as you want it to be, have fun! : )